I am not really the guy that enjoys writing about himself. But since you made it here, I guess you want to hear a few words about me or my photography. I started taking pictures in 2016 at the shy age of 30 as I moved to Switzerland and wanted to create memories when I was hiking through the fascinating landscapes of the Swiss Alps. Traveling, hiking, camping and spending time in unspoiled nature away from the hustle and bustle was always something I enjoyed doing, so capturing it was a natural evolution for me. Soon after, I left my corporate job to travel the world and kept on taking pictures. Fast forward this where I am at now. I currently call Berlin home (I love this city!) but enjoy spending time abroad just as much. Deserts, Jungle, Burning Man, currently I want to see as much as I can of this fascinating rock that we live on. WeAreOne.
I co-founded www.wildlifephototravel.com where I work as a photo tour planner and guide. If you ever want to go shoot with me, have a look!
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